Slutting in the Suburbs

It was December 2004. C and I had been together in New York for two years, and we were beginning to dip our toes into the kink and swing scenes. We’d had all kinds of adventures on the West Coast, but that world in New York was new for us. A savvy, kinky couple that we were getting to know—I’ll call them Allison and Larry—invited us to a party at their friend’s place in Jersey. She’s an artist, laid-back, gorgeous, and sensual, with sleek black hair and the breasts of a goddess. He appears very buttoned up, like he just left the office (which he usually has), a perfect foil to his bohemian partner. Allison told us that there probably wouldn’t be sex at the party, but that there would definitely be S&M scenes. “There might be some piercing,” she warned us. That was something I hadn’t seen before, so it was with a nervous thrill that we approached the unassuming two-story house tucked away on a quiet street with a church at one end and a school at the other.

The door was answered by a young man wearing the frilliest dress I had ever seen. The skirt stood out at an extreme angle over multiple layers of lacy petticoats, barely touching her knees, and the short-sleeved bodice was decorated with more lace and a spotless apron that followed the skirt on its journey over the petticoats. A starched maid’s cap sat upon her bewigged head. As she led us up the stairs to the second floor apartment, wobbling on her four-inch heels, she confided that she had been in training, and that this was her first night serving as a “Sissy Maid.” This term was new to me. I would continue to learn about Sissy Maids throughout the night.

We were greeted by the Hostess: a blonde venus with delicious curves, pierced nipples, and wearing nothing but a pair of silver boy-shorts. Allison turned to us and whispered, “Maybe it is THAT kind of party.” But our Hostess was engaged in a much more complex activity. She was just applying the final medical bandages to complete the mummification of her boyfriend. She was being aided in this project by a petite, muscular nude man, who, we were informed, was a doctor and knew what he was doing. They had rigged up an elaborate system through which the mummy could urinate, and there were many enjoyable moments throughout the evening when the party’s attention turned to the mummy who tried to please us with a demo, though usually the pressure and the accompanying teasing made him pee-shy.

The Sissy Maids brought us drinks. There were two in training to an expert Sissy Maid, and the three of them kept everyone at the party happy and well lubricated. The Hostess had made little cardboard signs explaining that the Sissy Maids were there to serve the guests, and that if they pleased us, we could, if we chose, reach under their little frills and give their genitals—which were nicely packaged in ribbons and tied up with a bow and a bell—a tug or two as a reward.

More people arrived. Sections of the living room were claimed for S&M play. A leather-clad man politely asked the Hostess if he could use the dining table for a scene. He began to entwine a nude, longhaired woman in elaborate rope bondage. Allison asked us if we wanted to play, and produced the couple’s toy bag. C announced that he would like to try being flogged by Allison. She grabbed a selection of floggers, and the three of us went into a back bedroom. Allison made C strip and lean over the edge of the bed with his exposed ass in the air. She took one of the softer floggers and began to hit him with it, gingerly, conscious that he was new to this kind of play. I stood to the side and watched. It was thrilling to watch this beautiful woman take control of my boyfriend. I moved to the bed, facing him, stroking his face and kissing him, as she continued to flog with growing power. C took his flogging stalwartly, with only an occasional yelp, and was rewarded with a lingering kiss from Allison.

C and I were ready for a little rest after our inaugural S&M adventure, so we sat down on the couch in the living room, were served drinks by a Sissy Maid, and chatted with the mummy. The Hostess had changed into a less revealing but equally sexy outfit, and was lounging in a chair with her legs up on an ottoman and a martini glass in hand. “This is the life,” she said. “My submissive is taken care of,” she gestured to the mummy, “and I have Sissy Maids to take care of my guests, make me martinis, and clean-up.” I could see her point.

I had already seen and experienced enough exciting new things for the party to be considered a successful night out, but I wanted something more. C had found new friends—in fact I was thrilled to see him alternately talking intently and making out with this very cute, thin, bespectacled man—but I still felt like a voyeur when I wanted to be a participant. Just then, two warm hands began massaging my neck and shoulders. It was Larry, whom I had barely seen since we’d arrived. I wasn’t sure what I thought of him. I really liked Allison, and found her very attractive, but though I was also attracted to Larry, I couldn’t figure him out. First of all, he was way too politically conservative for me. We’d been out as couples a few times, but I didn’t feel like I’d had an actual conversation with him. I was afraid to get into a political argument with him (my brother is a Republican and we keep family peace by avoiding dinner table politics). But there he was rubbing my neck, shoulders, hair… in a quite beguiling manner. I allowed myself to lean back against him and take the ride. His hands found my tits, and as readers of this new little blog know, there was no going back. He circled my nipples with the tips of his fingers, with increasingly aggressive pressure, and I began to moan. I lifted my arms for him to remove my shirt, and then he unhooked my bra. He repeated his circles on my bare nipples, first licking his fingers to provide a touch of lubrication. He was very pleased with the results of his efforts, and took my hand to lead me to the bedroom. On the way I noted that C was happy with his new friends, and heard a quick negotiation between Allison and the Hostess about the rules for sex at the party. Allison grabbed a towel from the bathroom and followed Larry and I to the bedroom. She spread the towel on the bed as Larry and I quickly removed the rest of our clothing.

Larry has a gorgeous cock. Allison whispered encouragement to us, as he climbed on top of me and pushed that lovely cock all the way into my ready cunt. Allison leaned over and kissed me, as Larry found his rhythm, moving in and out of me with increasing intensity. He fucked me like that for a good long time, while Allison kissed and caressed both of us. My joyous noises filled the room, and we began to attract an audience. We switched things up, so that Larry was lying down, and Allison and I were helping him to masturbate. She showed me that he loved a tit in his mouth while he stroked his cock, so we each obliged, alternating, pressing one of her round breasts into his mouth, then one of mine. Her tits are beautifully shaped, full and soft. She continued her sexy patter of naughty talk, encouraging him as he sucked and stroked. Larry came with a huge grown as I smothered him with my tits. Allison and I kissed triumphantly across his spent body.

I climbed off the bed and went in search of C. He was in the bathroom with a small crowd. He was standing at the toilet and a stunning Domme had her hands around his lower belly. She was trying to hold in his piss. It wasn’t working very well, but everyone was laughing and having a good time, as different men volunteered for her to try it on them. I went back to the bedroom and joined Larry and Allison for some cuddle action. Other people began to wander in, the pee-holding experiment having come to a messy end. I slipped away from my friends to meet C with a kiss as he entered the room with the thin, pretty boy in glasses. The three of us sat on an edge of the bed to compare notes on our adventures. C’s fingers found their way to my pussy, and as I lay back on the bed, he showed the pretty boy the places to stroke and prod me for the best results. Frankly, I was a little tired from the thorough fucking I’d had by Larry, but there was something so fun about lying there as C gave his new friend a guided tour of my pussy, occasionally stopping to kiss him. They were joined by another male friend of mine, who was invited to join the tour. The three men all had their fingers on, in, and around my pussy. Larry looked over and pouted at me. “So much for after-care,” he grumbled. I felt a twinge of guilt at abandoning him, but, Allison gave him her full attention, and I had nothing to worry about. The atmosphere in the crowded room was light and jovial, everyone in a loopy, getting-tired, nearing-the-end-of-a-great-night mood. Someone teased me about fucking Larry, I wasn’t quite sure who, still occupied with my three guys. “That’s the most conservative thing I’ve ever had in my pussy,” I announced from my prone position to a room of knowing laughter.

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