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I seem to get a lot of hits from my mentions of Sissy Maids in my blog. I have had some wonderful experiences with Sissy Maids, but I’m no expert. I did a little googling myself, and this looks like a good page of links. I can personally recommend the quality of sissies trained by the Sissy Maid Academy.

I hope this helps those who are seeking sissies but find me.

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A Peek

Here I am…

Goldslut in Leather

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Sunday Brunch

A lazy Sunday, one of my favorite things. Not that we didn’t have plenty to do. We are crazy busy people. But, for the moment, no place that we had to be, no one expecting us, no one calling…heaven.

I sleep naked. Since I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet, I was still naked. My lover/boyfriend/life-partner C worked his way slowly down my body until I could feel his warm breath against my clit. He grabbed my thighs, roughly, and dove into my pussy with his tongue. He fucked me with his tongue and I pushed against him, pulling him deeper into me. Then he pulled back, the initial passionate attack giving way to leisurely, teasing movements of his clever tongue. Waves of warmth rolled up my body from the tide of his tongue lapping at my pussy. I have to be very comfortable and relaxed to have an orgasm from oral sex. Many have licked my pussy, and sent me into all kinds of blissful places, but it takes C’s tongue to make me cum. The soothing, warm bath-like portion of the pussy eating ended, and then he was on a mission. The long leisurely licks transformed into strong, directed stroking, alternating with sucking. My clit is too sensitive for a direct attack, but C knows exactly where to go. He planted his tongue along the subtle ridge that rises above my clit and concentrated all of his attention there. I was helpless under this fierce onslaught of determined tonguing. I writhed and bucked, pushing against his mouth, my body begging for the release of orgasm. It came at last… I screamed with pleasure as my body shook and spasmed. He granted me a few more of the long, slow licks, and the warmth again suffused my quivering frame.

As I lay there, blissing out, I felt a hunger for his cock growing in me. We don’t usually bother with a “you eat mine, I eat yours” reciprocity, but there I was licking my lips for it. I rolled over and maneuvered my head between his thighs. I stroked his thighs with my fingers, moving slowly inward, but not quite arriving. I licked the soft, vulnerable skin in the creases of his thighs, feeling him tense with anticipation. Then I leaned in and let my hot breath play over his cock, watching it twitch. I love that unconscious, animal instinct twitch of an excited cock when the excitement ramps up a notch. Charmed by that twitch, I took a long slow lick. One of the joys of sucking my lover’s cock is that intimate proximity of not just my mouth, but my eyes, my nose… all senses focused on this part of him that gives us both such pleasure. He has lovely round fleshy balls, so soft and sensitive to touch, and a thick, spread-my-lips-wide throatful of cock. I focused on the tip, holding it just inside my mouth, rubbing my tongue against a spot just below his opening that makes him moan. I alternated the tonguing with swift sucking smacks, still paying all my attention to the tip. From this position, I could still look up the length of his body and watch his face, as the sensations inhabited it. His eyes were half closed, his mouth making a silent “oh,” that soon grew into a full-throated groan. We play a lot with exchanges of power in our fucking, and right then, I was in complete control. I controlled his bliss, his desire, his longing; and could give him what I wanted to give him when I wanted to give it. And right then, I was hungry for his cock. I took it fully into my mouth, down into my throat.

I’ve learned a lot about deep-throating from some of my favorite bloggers. A tip of the hat, or should I say flick of the tongue, to Chelsea Girl, for this advice. I won’t claim to be an expert at it yet, but it’s one of those things I’m really enjoying practicing.

I pulled back, took a deep breath, and plunged down again, feeling his hardness pushing against my throat. I came up gasping for air, delighting in the deep groan he had just emitted. The thick lubricating saliva was flowing. My hand took over the base of his cock, stroking, as my mouth returned attention to the tip. The pressure of my firm, wet hand, combined with my relentless tonguing of the delicate spot below the tip was bringing him closer and closer. Again, I enjoyed the view along the deliciously familiar terrain of his body. Sure a man loves to come in a woman’s mouth, but for my love, there’s a better place still. I slid up his body and lodged his throbbing cock firmly between my fat tits. I rocked back and forth, fucking him with my tits, his cock still slick with my saliva, moving rapidly in and out. I leaned down and caught the tip with my tongue as it moved through my cleavage, again and again. “Yes, baby, right now, cum on my tits,” I urged. “Cum all over my big fat tits.” He splashed my soft white breasts and small pink nipples with warm milkiness. I sat back onto my knees, cradling my spattered tits, and slowly licked up a stream of his cum.

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