Goldslut on Top

An encounter that begins when a beautiful boy with a stunning ass puts a large dildo in my hand can only get better. He disappeared to get supplies, leaving me to enjoy gesticulating with the dildo, as I greeted friends arriving at the party. He returned a few moments later, naked with his hard cock pointing at me plaintively. I handed him back the dildo, and asked my friends to pardon me. I briefly took that perky cock into my mouth, but that pretty ass was calling. I gave his cock a final smack and then let him ready himself. I watched as he lubed his ass, put a condom on the dildo, soaked it in lube, and then teased it up his asshole. Such a nice boy to get himself all ready for me to fuck him.

I took control of the dildo, and, while he leaned over the bed pushing his ass out to me, I slowly slid the dildo in and out of his asshole, each time pushing it in a little deeper. He groaned with pleasure and turned up that sweet little ass even more, giving it to me. I ran my free hand up his stomach tangling myself in his super soft hair, working my way up to give his nipple a twist. I stood there in black panties and heeled black leather boots, one boot up on the bench to give myself leverage to lean into him with the dildo. In and out, in and out, I fucked his ass with all my concentration. He wanted more. Such a good boy, he retrieved the dildo and put it away, pulling another one nearly twice its size out of his toy bag. He put a condom on the new dildo, lubed it up, and handed it to me. We had quite a crowd watching by now, but my friends kept them all at a respectful distance as I readied his ass for the huge dildo. I eased it into his hungry asshole, and as it slid in so nicely, pushed it deeper. He groaned in pleasure, and in one of those beautiful moments of athleticism that occasionally happen in real life, he twisted his body around to lie on the bed facing me, never losing contact with me and the dildo. He beamed up at me as I towered over him, fucking him harder and deeper. He and I had played this game before, and we both knew the best was yet to come. I looked into his eyes and saw that he was ready.

I slipped out the dildo, and grabbed a glove and lots of lube from the supply table. I slipped my right hand into the glove and soaked it in lube. Holding my three middle fingers closely together, I eased all three into his waiting ass. His ready muscles moved to greet my fingers, guiding me in further. I added more lube, and moved my three fingers in and out of his anus, going a little deeper each time. We kept eye contact, and I could see that he wanted more still, and I was going to love giving it to him. More lube, a slight, gradual twisting and pushing, fingers closing into a loose fist, and there I was, inside his ass up to my wrist. It is such a powerful, exciting feeling. Up to that point I’d been concentrating so hard that I was barely aware of what my own body was experiencing, but now that I was in, I could relax a little and enjoy. My pussy juice was soaking through my panties, and I adjusted my legs so I could place a little pressure on my clit by squeezing my thighs. His anal muscles were clenched around my wrist in a delicious squeeze, and his warm, lubed passage welcomed me in, undulating with pleasure. I rocked ever so slightly, pushing back and forth inside him. When you are fisting someone, every movement becomes magnified, so the tiniest adjustments of hand and fingers bring new delights. My beautiful acrobat butt-boy wanted to perform for me again. He literally spun around on my fist, keeping me deep inside him as he switched to a standing position. He leaned forward and found balance, then began to lower himself onto my first. He established a nice up and down rhythm. His muscles clenching my wrist seemed to be connecting directly to my clit, as I stood very still and just allowed him to fuck my fist. I could tell from my nearby friends that I was glowing with pleasure. Their naughty smiles, especially that of my love C, urged me on, and I took over again, fucking him harder. I extended my fingers even deeper into his ass, as he begged me for more. He gasped, moaned, and sputtered, and it was time for me to begin the slow process of pulling out. Ever so slowly, I eased my lubed fist out of his luscious ass. He groaned softly as the full width of my fist passed through his asshole, and then I leisurely pulled the last inches of fingers out.

Thank you, he whispered. Thank you, I replied. We beamed at each other and kissed softly, sweetly.

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Tied Up Tits

C uncoiled the blue rope. I raised my arms and stood patiently, (which for me is a real feat, I’m not a patient woman!) while he wound the rope behind my back, then around and under my tits, then above, and between, tying it off there. We stood so that I could watch in the mirror as the rope tightened and my voluminous tits bulged between the loops of rope. We’re still working at a very basic level with rope, but even this simple tit tie was beautiful. We stood there admiring, and I insisted that we take a couple of pictures. Then it was time to activate the Starter Buttons.

That’s what I’ve taken to calling my nipples. They are so sensitive, that, as C said the other day, I go from “zero to slut” with one touch. I objected that I was already a slut, even before he touched my nipples, so the analogy was flawed. That’s what you get when you have a couple of bibliophiles fucking. We nerd out even when we’re revving up for sex. Sometimes it’s what revs us up.

The tight ropes around my breasts made my nipples even more sensitive, by an order of magnitude, and I squealed when he finally touched one. I should explain that this squeal is an enjoyable sound to most of my lovers. Especially a new one: when they reach out and touch my nipple for the first time and witness the extremity of my response, I love that moment of discovery. Last weekend a new friend spent nearly an hour making me writhe and squeal, simply by pinching and stroking my nipples.

I enjoy being pulled by the rope. I’m such a control freak in so many aspects of my life, but for the right person and at the right time, I love the surrender of being led by the rope that is tied around me. C pulled me into the bedroom by the rope around my tits.

“Suck my cock,” he demanded. I maneuvered my way to hovering just over it, and began licking and teasing the head with my tongue. Then I inhaled slowly, and lowered my mouth over his cock, taking it deep into my throat. I sucked and licked hungrily, but that wasn’t where we were landing. He grabbed the rope again, and pulled me up. “Sit on my cock.” I climbed on top of him. My bound tits bounced against the rope as I rocked back and forth on him until he groaned in orgasm.

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Goldslut’s First Sugasm

Sugasm #78   Mon 7th May, 07

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