Sleepy Sex

C and I are on completely different schedules. He’s working all weekend—12 hour shifts—and that’s my only time off. Needless to say, it’s interfering with our sex life.

I heard the door late Sunday evening and looked up from the computer to greet him. He walked over to me and gave me a quick kiss. He looked very tired. I knew I was, having worked all weekend on my real work. It flickered through my brain to push through our exhaustion and jump him. I was so glad to see him, but a late supper and the television were beckoning. But then he reached out and grabbed my nipple. The thrill shot through me, and I yelped in surprise and excitement. He had taken the seat at the computer and I was standing in front of him, transfixed and shaking slightly. He rubbed and pinched my nipples through my t-shirt and bra. Small high-pitched noises continued to emerge from my surprised mouth. Shirt and bra disappeared, and his hands ran relentlessly over my tits. “Go to the bedroom and take off the rest of your clothes,” he urged. Hustling to follow his directions, I wriggled out of my jeans, underwear, and socks, and pulled my hair free from a ponytail. Lying down on the bed, I spread myself out for him. I slid a finger across my open pussy, and it was slick with desire. Rubbing my clit gently, I listened to his approach, plunging a finger into my cunt, readying it for his cock. I smiled to myself… I really didn’t think this was going to happen tonight. Now my body was throbbing in anticipation, my brain still a little spacey from tiredness, but alert to the sounds of him moving towards the bedroom. He entered naked; his black leather cock ring strapped around his cock and balls, his cock straining towards me. I moved my fingers aside and spread my legs even wider, holding my ankles up towards my head. He plunged into me, directly into my cunt, up to the hilt. Despite all my sexual activity, I have a very tight cunt, and if I haven’t had sex in a few days, it’s even tighter. I love the feeling of a cock thrusting into my tight cunt, and as long as I’m wet or have a little lube, I like it to be sudden, hard, and fast. He pounded me on the bed, as I rocked my hips towards him, pulling him even deeper inside me. I moaned, a deep, loud moan that grew in depth and volume as he thrust again and again. There’s a time for sleeping, but this wasn’t it.

I’m writing this now, late on Sunday evening, waiting to hear the door. I hope to have more to tell soon.

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  1. You’re not still waiting for the door, are you? I’m waiting for the next installment!

  2. Z, you got me! This opposite schedule stuff really sucks, and not in the good way. More very soon!

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