I Heart Fatty D

And I love pink too.

April Flores aka Fatty D is one of the hottest big girls out there on the interweb. And Coop loves her too. That says a lot to me.

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Goldslut in Latex

I was at a little gathering of perverts at a bar a few months ago, when I spotted the Baroness. She is the, well, Baroness (no better description than the one she’s claimed for herself) of the local fetish scene. An enthusiastic proponent of latex, she designs and builds her own latex fashions in her workshop and boutique in the East Village. Then, once a month or so, she hostesses an event where people can strut their rubber-sheathed stuff. She participated in a fashion show that I organized at an event a while back. I wasn’t sure if she’d remember me, but I went over to pay my respects.

She greeted me happily. She’d been thinking about me. She was planning to launch a top-secret “Queen Size” latex line, and wanted me to model it at her upcoming fashion show. I was thrilled. A big girl in latex? I’ve never seen it.

Last weekend I showed up at the local fetish/BDSM club to latex myself up. The Baroness hadn’t had a lot of time to work on the new line, but she did have a black latex skirt that fit me perfectly. I wore it with my black leather corset, black sheer stockings, and black leather boots. I was surrounded my skinny young things in head-to-toe latex in jewel tones. They looked fantastic and so did I! It was so much fun. Sorry, no pictures, you know how people are about cameras at these fetish events.

I paraded onto the stage, wiggling my leather & latex-covered curves, shaking my voluminous ass, wrapped in a smooth, skin-tight package, at the crowd. The Baroness took the moment to spray her magic potion on the latex and literally shine my ass. The crowd whooped appreciatively. Then I strode off the stage and through the audience, allowing a few lucky watchers to stroke my skirt.

Goldslut gives a happy butt wiggle to fat women in latex. Now I have to save up for my own outfit.

P.S. I tried to find a photo to add to this post, but when I googled “fat women in latex” I got dozens of articles about Hollywood actors wearing latex fat suits in movies and some yucky videos. Baroness, we need your Queen Size Collection!

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Links and Stuff

I started this blog to talk smutty sex exclusively. With a fat positive angle. And lots of enthusiasm. But now I find myself with barely any time to have sex let alone write about it, with major changes happening in my non-blog life. I hate to leave The Gold Slut Standard sitting quiet for so long. So here are few links and very brief thoughts.

I really enjoyed meeting Deliciously Naughty and her Sexyhusband in person a few weeks ago. If you haven’t read her Fat can be sexy post, check it out. One my favorite discussions of one of my favorite subjects.

I love socializing with other sex bloggers. We are so lucky in New Y0rk to have a real community, thanks entirely to Blog Mommy and goddess Viviane. I caught the tail end of one of Viviane’s blogger gatherings last weekend. It was so good to surface from the bottomless depths of my other work and connect with this community.

I find Kate Harding’s BMI Project both fascinating and full of hot pictures of cute big girls. The best kind of social commentary.

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