Après Soirée Musings

It was a great party. I’m not ready to write about my adventures in detail. I need to mull things over for a while. Enjoy having them to myself. Then, sometimes, eventually, they bubble up into blog entries. Sometimes not. This blog doesn’t exist to immediately chronicle every sex act in which I partake. I may be spending a good part of this year figuring out what IS the raison d’être of this blog, but I know that’s not it.

There are some thoughts bubbling over, however, from the weekend. I really like the dinner party/sex play party format. It creates a comfortable, casual atmosphere to begin the evening. It does mean that you have to just allow for a digesting period. I ate too much, despite my best efforts. The food was so good. Some people were already running upstairs to play, and I just wasn’t ready. Instead of getting frustrated, I got some fresh air in the back yard, drank some soda, and waited. Soon, I was ready.

I was feeling Toppish most of the night. My outfit worked out well for that. I stayed dressed for a long time, mainly playing the voyeur and occasionally reaching out to touch from the fortress of my clothes. Then I shed my blouse and skirt, and was very happy in my black panties, stocking, and boots. And with my favorite toy. I looked and felt quite the Domme, and had a lot of fun with that. Then I reached a point in the evening when I was ready to allow myself a different kind of pleasure, so I removed panties, stockings, and boots, and spread myself out for someone else. I enjoy deciding when to let go of control. That means I decide when I want to be touched. I really can’t let anyone touch my tits or pussy when I’m feeling Toppish. I’m so sensitive; a brush of my nipples or clit makes me lose control too quickly. Good things to know, and with which to play.

I enjoy playing with people I already know at parties. I won’t shut myself off to the chance electric encounter with a stranger, but it’s not my main goal at a party. To play with someone whom I know fairly well, and with whom I’ve shared a simmering of mentioned or unspoken desire, but have not yet had the opportunity to explore that desire… for that exploration to happen at a party, that is really the best scenario.

I must reiterate one of the points on the freaksexual post I linked to in my last entry: don’t get too drunk at a sex play party! It’s very unpleasant for the other people there, and it WILL NOT get you laid. I’m not saying don’t drink. I like a little liquor lubrication myself. But know your limits.

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Dressing Up for Undressing

I’ll admit it: I find it very hard to get ready for a sex play party. The whole preparation makes me a nervous wreck. What to shave or not to shave? What to wear or not to wear? And you really need two outfits. What you arrive in, which should make you feel sexy, but also be street safe and comfortable enough to travel in, and then I usually also plan an “undressed outfit.” The basic version of this is usually a bra and panties with stockings and boots, all black. Sometimes I might try a variation. I have a cream colored corset-like thing I wore as a bridesmaid once, that makes a nice second outfit. And some cheap Fulton Street Mall lingerie that I’m fond of…
Tonight I have a cute new top from Torrid to wear (my favorite big girls clothing store/site), and I think I’ll go for the simple black undergarments for my later look. Of course, the hope is to eventually get naked, but I like to know what my in-between look is going to be.

Eating before a play party is also a concern. You need your strength and certainly don’t want to have a low blood sugar bitch attack, so eating something is crucial. But what to eat? I hate arriving at a party feeling too full and needing to spend hours digesting before I can think about playing. That’s happened to me too many times, especially when I’ve arranged a social dinner with friends before the party. I have friends who swear by Sushi as pre-play food, but Sushi doesn’t always sit right with me, so I find it risky. A sandwich, something with protein, easy on the fried foods, easy on the heavy starches (I try to avoid using the term “carbs,” it’s so diet industry!) Sadly, I must avoid the legumes pre-party. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you are lucky.

Tonight’s party is actually a dinner party and a sex party, so I’m planning to go nice and early to enjoy the eating portion of the evening, and then have plenty of time to digest and relax before thinking about any other activities. Wish me luck!

If you have sex party etiquette questions, check out this smart post by freaksexual.

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Happy New Year from Goldslut!

I started this blog as a New Year’s resolution for 2007.

New Year’s resolution 2008: write in blog!

This is a pic from my one nude photo shoot. Perhaps I will do another some day.


Goldslut’s Tush

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