Après Soirée Musings

It was a great party. I’m not ready to write about my adventures in detail. I need to mull things over for a while. Enjoy having them to myself. Then, sometimes, eventually, they bubble up into blog entries. Sometimes not. This blog doesn’t exist to immediately chronicle every sex act in which I partake. I may be spending a good part of this year figuring out what IS the raison d’être of this blog, but I know that’s not it.

There are some thoughts bubbling over, however, from the weekend. I really like the dinner party/sex play party format. It creates a comfortable, casual atmosphere to begin the evening. It does mean that you have to just allow for a digesting period. I ate too much, despite my best efforts. The food was so good. Some people were already running upstairs to play, and I just wasn’t ready. Instead of getting frustrated, I got some fresh air in the back yard, drank some soda, and waited. Soon, I was ready.

I was feeling Toppish most of the night. My outfit worked out well for that. I stayed dressed for a long time, mainly playing the voyeur and occasionally reaching out to touch from the fortress of my clothes. Then I shed my blouse and skirt, and was very happy in my black panties, stocking, and boots. And with my favorite toy. I looked and felt quite the Domme, and had a lot of fun with that. Then I reached a point in the evening when I was ready to allow myself a different kind of pleasure, so I removed panties, stockings, and boots, and spread myself out for someone else. I enjoy deciding when to let go of control. That means I decide when I want to be touched. I really can’t let anyone touch my tits or pussy when I’m feeling Toppish. I’m so sensitive; a brush of my nipples or clit makes me lose control too quickly. Good things to know, and with which to play.

I enjoy playing with people I already know at parties. I won’t shut myself off to the chance electric encounter with a stranger, but it’s not my main goal at a party. To play with someone whom I know fairly well, and with whom I’ve shared a simmering of mentioned or unspoken desire, but have not yet had the opportunity to explore that desire… for that exploration to happen at a party, that is really the best scenario.

I must reiterate one of the points on the freaksexual post I linked to in my last entry: don’t get too drunk at a sex play party! It’s very unpleasant for the other people there, and it WILL NOT get you laid. I’m not saying don’t drink. I like a little liquor lubrication myself. But know your limits.

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