From the DO Vault: Hotel Sweets

Since, for the moment, in my working-out-of-town-state, it’s just me and the Hitachi Magic Wand, I’m going to delve back in time to the lost but not forgotten days of Dark Odyssey Spring Fire. “What?” you may ask, “haven’t you spilled those savory secrets already?” A Gold Slut knows how to save for a rainy day, and I’ve held onto this morsel for just such an occasion.

I wore one of my favorite outfits. A long, lace negligee in black and red, very sheer. I bought it for $5 in a great little store full of trashy underwear for big girls. The men were naked and the women were in lingerie; that was the premise of the party. As if we needed a premise… pack a horde of randy swingers into a hotel suite with free flowing booze… and party all night! I remember a glorious moment watching the hostess pressed up against the window that faced the Capital Building, clothes torn away, two men doing their best to please her. Take that Congress! The Perverts are here to play!

I was lying in the center of a vast king-sized bed. My first playmate of the night had given me a good hard fucking, but then left abruptly when C entered the room. He made a joking remark, “who’s this fucking my girlfriend?” Something like that. The guy jumped up, muttering something about making way for C, then bolted. We learn, little by little, what kinds of humor work in these situations, and what doesn’t. Sigh. I do love that my boyfriend can scare someone off with a joke, makes a gal feel safe walking down the street, believe me. So I sat in a state of Coitus Interruptus, sharing a laugh with my love.

An influx of raucous guests filled the room, and then the bed. I found myself rapidly transformed from the girl with the vacant thighs to the one at the center of an orgy. A dear friend was lapping at my left nipple, and, with an enthusiastic wave, she urged another dear friend over to take care of my right. What are friends for? The gentleman friend of the second woman took pride of place between my legs. He began that delicious combination of firm fingers and a fierce tongue that always sends me over the edge. With three tongues and a plethora of fingers at work on me, I melted into spasms and moans, riding the face of the kind gentleman, while the two friends tickled and teased me. I don’t think of myself as a squirter, but there was quite an impressive wet spot in that grand king -sized bed.

I hear the Hitachi whispering my name. Perhaps I will remember more tomorrow.

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Keep the Fires Burning

C and I attended Dark Odyssey Spring Fire, and had an amazing time. I will write about my many adventures there soon. But tonight I feel like writing about my night alone with the glorious Selina Fire and her wonderful Martin.

The evening had been off to a lousy start. I was supposed to meet up with a friend while Selina and Martin had dinner with some of their friends. We were all going to meet up later to go dancing, and then see what happened next. My friend stood me up, so I wound up killing far too much time on a solo bar crawl through the East Village, getting drunker and more pissed off as I progressed. I was ready to cut my losses and go home, but somehow I knew that Selina and Martin would be worth the wait.

They swept me away in a cab, as I teetered on a street corner outside yet another bar—my heroes. They promised to make it all better. Inside the cozy apartment filled with books and art, Martin asked if he could massage my feet. My feet are very sensitive, and touching them is a privilege to be earned. Rescuing me that night was sufficient. I allowed him to slip off my girlish knee high socks, followed by black stockings. He rubbed my bare feet with slow but strong movements. I relaxed back onto Selina’s bed.

Selina ran her hand along my neckline and down over my breasts. She encountered my highly structured black camisole; designed to make my tits looks fabulous, but built like an Amazon’s breastplate. (Ok, for any classics buffs in my readership, don’t worry, it does allow for TWO breasts.) “This needs to come off,” she said. Martin agreed emphatically. They both helped me remove it, and my large breasts swung free. My skirt and underwear came off next, and I lay completely naked between them. Selina took one of my nipples in her mouth, and Martin took the other one. The last of my self-possession dissolved, and I gave myself over to them completely.

Martin had already talked to me about how much he wanted to eat my pussy. It was something that I’d had several days to contemplate and imagine. Just as he was poised to begin, Selina dove in, and got their first. She started hungrily, licking and sucking. She used tongue and mouth with fingers in a delicious combination that brought me quickly to my first orgasm of the night. Then she made way for Martin, and he began his approach as he had with my feet, slow but strong. Selina returned to my tits, sucking them, as Martin’s tongue explored deeper into my cunt. I reveled in that decadent, languorous feeling that comes over me when my pussy is expertly eaten. As I drifted dreamily through the waves of pleasure, Martin brought me back with rigorous, deep finger-fucking. I love that contrast, from the slow warmth of a tongue to the quick thrust of fingers, and quickly reached another orgasm.

Martin and I focused our attention on Selina. He turned her over and fucked her from behind while I watched and played with her tits. I love to watch a couple who know each other’s bodies really well fuck; to try to decode the short-hand signals, developed over time, with which they guide each other to greater pleasure. Ever generous, Martin released Selina and turned her over to me. I knelt on a pillow, making myself comfortable by the edge of the bed, and began to explore her clit, ever so delicately, with my tongue, while my fingers made their way into her slick pussy. I increased the pressure of my fingers inside her, and sat back a little to take in the image of Martin cradling her, surrounded by her glorious long hair. I felt her cunt muscles responding to my touch, pulling at my fingers longingly. With my thumb on her clit, I fucked her harder with two fingers. Martin stroked her face as she concentrated on the sensations and climaxed.

I crawled back into the middle, and chatted drowsily, slowly stroking Selina. Martin brought us orange juice. They wanted to me to stay the night, and it was very tempting, hopefully next time. I needed to be home to do things in the morning, so I pried myself up and back into my crumpled clothes. Martin walked me to the subway, accompanying me down to the platform and waiting with me for my train. He kissed me sweetly, and we murmured about what a wonderful time we’d had, and that we hoped it would happen again soon.

Don’t worry, it did.

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The Sexiest Basement in Brooklyn

SPAM, the queer sex party in a basement in Brooklyn, got a lot of attention back in 2002 when TimeOut New York covered it, and the curious flocked. I attended much later, after the crowds had died down, many scared off by its fabulous queerness or queer fabulousness. One of the best things about SPAM is the mandatory clothes check down to your underwear. A clothes check is the rule for a sex party on the West Coast, but seems to be the exception in NYC. The number of parties I’ve been to where people stand around in their work clothes, cocktail in hand, as if they are mingling at a company-sponsored mixer… it’s just not conducive to getting to getting it on. Remove some clothing right away and it propels you, mind and body, into a different state. A ready-to-fuck-a-stranger (-or-two) state.

I went with my boyfriend C and with L, a woman that C had been seeing from time to time, and whom I was getting to know as a friend. L was a regular at SPAM. She’d even met her boyfriend there. He couldn’t join us that evening, so we were three… at least to begin. L looked great. She has a very sexy, compact but curvy body and was wearing a silky short slip. I was feeling a little bit shy, between the new surroundings and my uncertainty of where I stood with L. C found the three of us a place to sit, placing me in the middle.

C took the lead, pulling up my camisole to suck on one of my tits. L asked if she could take the other one in her mouth. As I’ve mentioned before, that is one of my favorite things, a mouth on each tit. I agreed enthusiastically, my shyness melting away as her lips closed on my nipple. I leaned back and let the sensation of the two wet mouths lapping at my sensitive nipples wash over me.

We were outgrowing our perch on the couch, and decided to move to an empty bed across the room so we could get comfortable. I lay back between them, and L asked if she could eat my pussy. I smiled and nodded, so L and C shared the job of sliding down my panties, and L began to tease my clit with her tongue. Then she changed to a more aggressive course and fastened her mouth to my clit, creating exquisite suction. C continued to devote his mouth’s attention to my tits. The sensations were intense and delicious, and I was drifting towards an orgasm. Perhaps I closed my eyes for a moment. I gradually realized that we’d attracted quite a crowd. The bed was completely surrounded by men in various states of undress, their eyes fastened on us.

I must admit I felt a frisson of panic at the mob of men hungrily watching our threesome. But I was there for the full SPAM experience, so I relaxed and gave myself over to entertaining the crowd with my writhing and moaning. I do love an audience. I’m not exactly sure what happened next, but I realized that L and C were on the bed next to me ravishing each other, and I had no idea who was eating my pussy. It was strange, but thrilling. And, since the new mouth was doing an excellent job, who was I to complain. As I attempted to lift my head to learn the identity of my new cunnilingual friend, I was boisterously attacked by a sweet but aggressive kisser. This man with thick curly hair and muscular arms wanted to devour my face, my mouth, my tongue, perhaps even my teeth. I gave up on learning the identity of the man down below, and focused on the deliciously eager ministrations of the one at face level. There was something so joyous and fun about his boyish enthusiasm for kissing. He was even pulling focus from the kind soul who toiled away between my legs. I reached out and grabbed his curls, pulling him away from my mouth for a moment so that I could see his face. It was a very nice face. I said hello, and we exchanged a few pleasantries before we dove back into the delicious make-out scene. My hand found his hard cock, and I stroked it slowly while we kissed.

I honestly don’t know how many of the men in the crowd tasted my pussy that night. I was vaguely aware of changes in textures, techniques, and styles down below, but up above the curly-haired kissing monster had my full attention. At one point a young, thin African man came up to politely ask for his share of kisses, and the curly-haired man removed his tongue from my mouth and asked if he could take the opportunity to have a go at my pussy. I knew I liked his tongue very much, so I agreed at once. I kissed and cuddled with the young African man, who whispered compliments to me in a lilting accent. The curly-haired man turned his attention to my pussy with a renewed show of the boisterous enthusiasm he’d had for my mouth. His aggressive licking and tonguing of my cunt brought me rapidly to the orgasm I’d been too over-stimulated to relax and allow. I politely asked my attentive crowd to give me a minute to catch my breath, and I sat up on the bed to survey the scene, snuggling the young African man and the curly-haired man to my sides. C and L had found their way to a chair near the bed, and were pleasantly occupying themselves. And, as I’d hoped and dreamed from my vantage point at the bottom of the puppy pile, members of my crowd of admirers were also attending to each other. Cocks were being sucked and assholes lubed and fucked. I love to watch men fuck each other. It’s one of my greatest pleasures. I lay there, enjoyed the humming feeling of my much-sucked pussy, gave occasional kisses to the two men at my sides, and watched the proceedings with delight.

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