Still Standing

“Can I tie up your hands?” C asked, having just completed a lovely tie on my tits. “Sure,” I said, shivering with pleasure as Serge attacked my tits. He sucked and pawed with a hungry intensity, and I gave my tits to him with delighted abandon. C rapidly bound my hands behind my back. He’s getting very good at this.

Then he did something different. He lay down on the floor and slid between my legs, spreading them, helping me to a wide, strong stance (oy, can I use that phrase?) My opened pussy was directly above him. He stroked a lubed finger over my pussy lips, gently working it inside me. Having lubed me up, he pulled out his finger, and shocked me with the thrill of cold metal. He held my favorite toy, the metal vibrator, and ran its chilly hardness along my hot cunt.

Serge pulled my hair, tilting my head back, and kissed me roughly. My legs wobbled.

C pushed the cold, vibrating metal right into me. From his unique vantage point on the floor, he could watch every movement of the vibrator pushing through my fleshy folds and into the place where my greedy cunt pulled it in.

Serge continued to control my upper body by pulling my hair, alternately ravaging my tits then my mouth. My hands bound behind me, C pulled down on the rope with his free hand, making it even harder for me to move. My legs shook uncontrollably, as I rocked against the vibrator with my hips, the only part of my body I could still maneuver. So maddeningly near to some kind of release.

I’ve never managed to orgasm standing up, but I got exquisitely close. Perhaps next time.

Sorry for the posting lag… I’m entering a new phase of my creative life, a big time of transition, and something always has to suffer. But thank you so much for the continued linking and traffic, and I’ll do my best to make up for the silence.

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Alarm Cock

Candy and Serge, our new friends from Spring Fire, came to visit this past weekend. We were all really tired Friday night after a bunch of events, and crashed without any play. C had to go to work early on Saturday morning. I was looking forward to sleeping in, but around 9 AM I awoke to some noises in the living room where our guests were staying. A soft moan… then a louder one. Those naughty guests had started without me!

My first thought was to run into the living room and jump in, but I was still so drowsy and comfortable in bed. As I lay there, lazily, I let the sounds surround me. Candy’s moaning was getting loader. I snuggled into my blankets, closed my eyes, and imagined what was happening in the other room. I was pretty sure Serge was eating Candy’s luscious pussy. I could imagine what that felt like. His strong, insistent tongue, licking and sucking, ferociously exploring the familiar folds of her shaved, full lips.

Then I heard him start to moan too. He must have pushed his cock into her ready pussy. I smiled and licked my lips, still huddled under the covers on one of our first cool mornings. I ran my hand lightly over my own dampening pussy and continued all ears. I could hear their bodies slapping together, as his moans heightened. That was it. I couldn’t stand the exquisite torture of the exclusively aural experience any longer. I threw back the covers, leapt out of bed, and strode into the living room. I walked right over to the desk chair next to the guest bed and dropped into it, kicking my feet up onto the edge of the bed, ready to watch the dénouement. Candy and Serge looked up to greet me with welcoming smiles, and a laughing “good morning” from Candy. I gestured for them to continue as I settled into my front row seat.

Candy was elegantly perched, riding Serge’s cock, her full round ass in the air, her glorious tits swaying over him. I love to watch a big woman move so gracefully, and with such strength and purpose. She maneuvered herself up and down on his cock, expertly, with porn star skill and delivery. Her lusty laugh, her enthusiasm, his delight in her body… it was one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen, and right in my own living room. And my watching made it all the more exciting for them, as they built to a rapid crescendo of moans. I knew I’d get my turn later… for the moment I was completely satisfied to listen to and watch their bodies moving together.

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I Want Candy

It was our first night at Dark Odyssey Spring Fire. It had been a long day: an enjoyable but tiring ride down, a series of fun icebreaker social events, and a nice meal with friends. I had been sick the week before, a nasty bout of bronchitis, so I was thinking that I would turn in on the early side, get a good night’s sleep, and be ready to face the rest of the weekend of debauchery fresh as a daisy.

C and I were going to take one last wander around the play spaces and then head up to our hotel room. In the main socializing space, we ran into some friends. They weren’t ready to call it a night, and we followed them back into the Sex-o-rama. I was still thinking I’d just watch the beginning of whatever was going to happen, and then head up to bed. I lay down on this divine red sex lounger. It’s designed to be an ideal shape on which to have sex, but it’s also just darn comfortable. I lay there dreamily listening to my friends begin to fuck. I could have dozed off happily. But C was tapping my shoulder. “Candy and Serge are here,” he whispered excitedly.

Candy had emailed C earlier in the week. She had liked his profile, and sent him a flirty message. He and I checked her out together, and liked what we saw. A curvy punk rock goddess with pink and purple hair. Yummy! They had emailed and then talked on the phone, and it turned out her Daddy Serge was of interest to me too. We were all longing to meet in person, and had sensibly set up a lunch date for the next day. But suddenly there we were, the four of us, in the Sex-o-rama.

Candy, delicious bad girl that she is, likes punishment. Serge handed C a Wartenberg Wheel, and he ran it up and down Candy’s bare legs. She whimpered with pleasure. As C slowly moved the wheel up to Candy’s stunning bare tits, Serge produced yet another wheel and handed it to me. Serge kissed and soothed Candy, while C and I went to town with the double wheel action. Serge urged us on and advised as to where to run the wheels for maximum sensation, and throughout, Serge and I were sending sizzling looks to each other across Candy’s body. We ran the wheels along the underside of her knee, the delicate skin of her inner thigh, and, as we grew more daring with her, around the outside of her pussy lips. It was an easy transition to pull aside her panties, and for C to slip his skillful fingers into her eager pussy. I continued to torment her with the wheel, moving up to her breasts, where I paused to suck and tease her straining nipples. This path was bringing me closer and closer to Serge, who was still positioned at Candy’s head. Candy was making fantastic noises, as she wallowed in the pleasure mingled with pain. My pussy was wet with the powerful joy of it. I abandoned Candy to C’s ministrations and I threw myself against Serge.

We were so hot for each other—it was electric. Playing with Candy together had revved us both up to a very high level. We kissed viciously, biting at each other. I wriggled out of my top and he attacked my tits. I pushed them against him, stuffing his mouth. We wrestled our way to a nearby couch and he pushed me down on it, ripping off my stockings and panties. He grabbed my thighs with strong hands, and pushed them up and open. My wet pussy was spread before him, and again he attacked. His tongue went mercilessly for my clit. At first I didn’t think I could bear it. I breathed deeply and bucked back against him, forcing myself to ride out the torturous pleasure. Suddenly C had pushed Candy into exactly the same position next to me. Her legs were up in the air, her head back against the couch, her gorgeous tits heaving, C’s mouth buried in her cunt. I wish we had a picture of that moment: synchronized pussy eating. Candy and I were both screaming with pleasure. We grabbed each other’s hands, ran our fingers over each other’s bodies, seeking a place to brace ourselves against each other to better take the thrilling onslaught of tongues and lips. I came first, screaming and shaking, slamming my cunt against Serge’s relentless mouth. Candy followed right after, and we howled together, tangled on the couch.

Then I wanted Serge’s cock in my mouth. We rapidly switched places, and I licked and sucked him, still buzzing with the energy that the four of us were generating. I took him deep into my throat and then he was the one crying out. “I want to fuck you,” he insisted, pulling me up. He lay back on that sweet red lounger, so perfectly constructed for me to climb on top of his cock and ride him. I rocked back and forth, squeezing my pussy muscles tight, grinding him into the lounger. Candy had positioned herself behind me, and was urging me on and playing with my ass. I was a naked cowgirl, tits flying as I rode him and rode him, until he came screaming.

Candy and C helped me up off of Serge; my legs had turned to jelly. We all looked at each other, panting and smiling. Serge laughed. “And we were trying to be all polite and shit, meeting for lunch.” We all laughed and laughed at that. And we did have a very nice lunch the next day.

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