Clit Notes

I’ve been thinking a lot about my clit.

As I play with more new partners, I continue to search for the best words and images to help them understand what I like best, what actually brings me to orgasm. When I was a little girl, long before I knew what I was doing, I masturbated by squeezing my legs together, one leg wrapped around the other. As I matured, I tried other methods, turning household objects into sex toys, using my fingers, but I always returned to squeezing my legs in increasing pulses of muscle clenches. It always delivered that amazing feeling that I was wanted.

When I started playing with partners, I enjoyed everything we did: finger fucking, oral sex, penis/vagina intercourse, but none of these things brought me to that place that I could achieve so easily just by squeezing my legs together. When a partner would pay special attention to my clit, sometimes it felt great, but sometimes it was painfully ticklish, and I would wind up pushing them away, not knowing how to guide them. I began to analyze what I was feeling when I squeezed my legs together. How could I figure out how to show my partners how to get me off? I believed strongly that I deserved orgasms as part of partner sex, but I just didn’t know what worked, other than this obviously solo game of leg squeezing. I worked more with my fingers, messaging my clit, fucking myself with my fingers, and I bought my first vibrator. I quickly found that fucking myself with the vibrator felt great, but it wouldn’t bring me to orgasm. But if I clutched the vibrator between my legs, near, but not directly on, my clit, I could jerk myself off very easily. I realized that what I needed was strong pressure around my clit, but not directly on it. The pulse of the vibrator, or of my clenching and unclenching legs, provided exactly that.

As I began to play with my beloved C, and sex became more adventurous and fun than ever, he helped me with my exploration. I could tell him when the touch was too direct, and it made me uncomfortable rather than hot, and he would adjust until he found the right spot. I discovered that I loved the combination of penetration and clitoral simulation: his fingers fucking me, his thumb, sometimes joined by my fingers, rubbing that area above my clit.

I owe a lot to Ducky Doolittle, the amazing sex educator and former web cam girl. This is why you should continue going to great sex ed classes throughout your life. I thought I knew so much, but she was the first one to really explain the full extent of the clitoral anatomy: legs, shaft, hood, and all. I found this video link on Ducky’s site, from the legendary queen of masturbation Betty Dodson (and via Susie Sexpert herself, Susie Bright). This explains it much better than I could. I love these women! This diagram from wikipedia is also helpful.

Now I had a visual image of the internal anatomy of pleasure, and I could really begin to understand what was happening and what was working. I rub the area just above my clit, from the edge of the hood, up into my pubic mound. Throughout that area I can feel my erect clitoral shaft, and directly simulating that is what leads me most satisfyingly to orgasm. If I place the head of my Hitachi Magic Wand against that area, turn it up to full, and press down hard, I can orgasm in a minute. Not to say I’m always striving for such instantaneous efficiency in an orgasm, but knowing how that works helps me in other situations. I can create this stimulation with my fingers too, or someone else’s, if guided to the right spot.

Recently, I was playing with a lovely partner, and he’d fucked me good and hard with a couple of fingers, made me squirt and squeal. Then he bathed me with the warmth of his tongue, and I floated in the bliss of that. But then I wanted a mind-blowing clitoral orgasm to top off the night. He’s such a good student, this one. I showed him, simply, where to rub. People came running from the other playroom down the hall to watch the aftermath as I moaned and screamed with pleasure. So simple. Yet so infinitely complicated. Every woman different…

To be continued.

From the DO Vault: Hotel Sweets

Since, for the moment, in my working-out-of-town-state, it’s just me and the Hitachi Magic Wand, I’m going to delve back in time to the lost but not forgotten days of Dark Odyssey Spring Fire. “What?” you may ask, “haven’t you spilled those savory secrets already?” A Gold Slut knows how to save for a rainy day, and I’ve held onto this morsel for just such an occasion.

I wore one of my favorite outfits. A long, lace negligee in black and red, very sheer. I bought it for $5 in a great little store full of trashy underwear for big girls. The men were naked and the women were in lingerie; that was the premise of the party. As if we needed a premise… pack a horde of randy swingers into a hotel suite with free flowing booze… and party all night! I remember a glorious moment watching the hostess pressed up against the window that faced the Capital Building, clothes torn away, two men doing their best to please her. Take that Congress! The Perverts are here to play!

I was lying in the center of a vast king-sized bed. My first playmate of the night had given me a good hard fucking, but then left abruptly when C entered the room. He made a joking remark, “who’s this fucking my girlfriend?” Something like that. The guy jumped up, muttering something about making way for C, then bolted. We learn, little by little, what kinds of humor work in these situations, and what doesn’t. Sigh. I do love that my boyfriend can scare someone off with a joke, makes a gal feel safe walking down the street, believe me. So I sat in a state of Coitus Interruptus, sharing a laugh with my love.

An influx of raucous guests filled the room, and then the bed. I found myself rapidly transformed from the girl with the vacant thighs to the one at the center of an orgy. A dear friend was lapping at my left nipple, and, with an enthusiastic wave, she urged another dear friend over to take care of my right. What are friends for? The gentleman friend of the second woman took pride of place between my legs. He began that delicious combination of firm fingers and a fierce tongue that always sends me over the edge. With three tongues and a plethora of fingers at work on me, I melted into spasms and moans, riding the face of the kind gentleman, while the two friends tickled and teased me. I don’t think of myself as a squirter, but there was quite an impressive wet spot in that grand king -sized bed.

I hear the Hitachi whispering my name. Perhaps I will remember more tomorrow.

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Still Standing

“Can I tie up your hands?” C asked, having just completed a lovely tie on my tits. “Sure,” I said, shivering with pleasure as Serge attacked my tits. He sucked and pawed with a hungry intensity, and I gave my tits to him with delighted abandon. C rapidly bound my hands behind my back. He’s getting very good at this.

Then he did something different. He lay down on the floor and slid between my legs, spreading them, helping me to a wide, strong stance (oy, can I use that phrase?) My opened pussy was directly above him. He stroked a lubed finger over my pussy lips, gently working it inside me. Having lubed me up, he pulled out his finger, and shocked me with the thrill of cold metal. He held my favorite toy, the metal vibrator, and ran its chilly hardness along my hot cunt.

Serge pulled my hair, tilting my head back, and kissed me roughly. My legs wobbled.

C pushed the cold, vibrating metal right into me. From his unique vantage point on the floor, he could watch every movement of the vibrator pushing through my fleshy folds and into the place where my greedy cunt pulled it in.

Serge continued to control my upper body by pulling my hair, alternately ravaging my tits then my mouth. My hands bound behind me, C pulled down on the rope with his free hand, making it even harder for me to move. My legs shook uncontrollably, as I rocked against the vibrator with my hips, the only part of my body I could still maneuver. So maddeningly near to some kind of release.

I’ve never managed to orgasm standing up, but I got exquisitely close. Perhaps next time.

Sorry for the posting lag… I’m entering a new phase of my creative life, a big time of transition, and something always has to suffer. But thank you so much for the continued linking and traffic, and I’ll do my best to make up for the silence.

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PDAs (Not about Crackberries!)

I’m talking about Public Displays of Affection (love this wikipedia entry!). Call me old-fashioned in my acronym usage.

[Disclaimer: I am a user of a Palm Treo, which I have named, ambivalently, “The Device.” And I lust after iPhones. Go electronic helpers!]

Readers of this blog will know I’m no stranger to doing naughty things in public places. I once had an adventure in a parking lot in Nashville, TN, which was not one of my finest hours, but I may write about it some day. Despite this evidence and my exhibitionist nature, I usually keep my public sex to pre-approved locations such as sex play parties and alternative sexuality conferences. I often have to discourage C from groping me on the subway platform, because sometimes it just doesn’t feel like the right place. This week, however, I was loving my PDAs.

Tuesday night C and I caught a public screening of Audacia Ray’s The Bi Apple. It is so rare to have the experience of watching a porn movie in public these days. I was wishing I had a raincoat and a chair that leaned all the way back, because, friends, this movie is HOT! I had another idea, however. I unzipped my jeans, grabbed C’s hand, and thrust it against my crotch. His experienced fingers quickly found my clit, and with a quick glance at me to make sure I really meant it, he began to rub through my cotton underwear. He didn’t have a lot of room to maneuver, but he got it just right. I was aware of the other people sitting around us, though fortunately no one was too close, and since a friend of mine was hosting the screening I didn’t want to make a spectacle. I started this, and I wanted to finish it, so I had no choice but to be quiet, which, surprise surprise, is very difficult for me. Clenching my thighs around C’s fingers and my lips and teeth together, I pushed back against his fingers in small, subtle movements. The tightness of my jeans, C’s delicious fingers, and the texture of my panties helped bring me quickly to bursting, and of course the movie was providing full frontal stimulus. I clenched the handles of my movie seat, writhed against C’s fingers, and tried to keep my head and shoulders still. A thrilled shout was fighting its way up my throat, but I held it down, dominating myself into submission. Silently, I rode the wave of pleasure, bucking against C’s fingers, and then nodded to him that he could remove them. I sat in my pleasantly damp panties, feeling the waves of warmth radiate up my body from my pussy, and watched the rest of the movie with a smile on my face.

Thursday night I was at my favorite monthly public gathering of perverts at a downtown bar. Lots of new people, especially some folks that I had met at a nude beach a few weeks back, and I was thoroughly enjoying re-making their acquaintance in clothes over cocktails. A certain very naughty naked boy, who loves to be naked in public and somehow always manages to be so, joined my circle of new friends. He knows my secret from past play adventures, and reached right for my nipples. It was late, I’d had a lot to drink, and it felt really good. I leaned back on the bar and gave him free reign. He pulled, squeezed, and pinched, and I squealed (as quietly as I could) with delight. My new friend Pete asked if he could join. We had been getting increasingly physical with each other over the course of the evening, arms around waists, hips pressed against each other, hands moving to asses… I was enjoying the direction very much, so, with an effort to regain consciousness under the onslaught of my naked friend’s attention, I told him yes, yes you may join in. My naked friend, always a generous play partner, made room and offered Pete one of my tits. My tits were clothed, by the way, in a black wife beater style tank top over a very thin and silky bra. The rough texture of the fabric of the top over the barely there-ness of the bra (with its magical support – yes, GS has found a new bra that she loves!), combined with the different, but intense fingering of the two sets of hands on my nipples, was sending me into GS la-la-land. My eyelids fluttered furiously; I clutched the bar tightly with my outstretched arms; and the volume of cries was far beyond what was appropriate for a public space. At one point, I forced myself to look up and asked directly if the bartender was ok with this scenario. She was down at the other end of the bar chatting away with friends, so I was convinced that we could continue. But continue to what? I can ride the pleasure of having my tits played with for a very long time without needing anything else. It makes my pussy so wet, and the continued tit-illation without actual touching of my pussy is positively, deliciously, achingly exciting. Can I have a genital orgasm from tit stimulation alone? I’m convinced I can, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. My naked friend even posed the question, and I think he took my answer that I believed it was possible as a challenge. What a fun experiment it will be! As for Pete, I think you will be hearing more about him.

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Sleepy Sex

C and I are on completely different schedules. He’s working all weekend—12 hour shifts—and that’s my only time off. Needless to say, it’s interfering with our sex life.

I heard the door late Sunday evening and looked up from the computer to greet him. He walked over to me and gave me a quick kiss. He looked very tired. I knew I was, having worked all weekend on my real work. It flickered through my brain to push through our exhaustion and jump him. I was so glad to see him, but a late supper and the television were beckoning. But then he reached out and grabbed my nipple. The thrill shot through me, and I yelped in surprise and excitement. He had taken the seat at the computer and I was standing in front of him, transfixed and shaking slightly. He rubbed and pinched my nipples through my t-shirt and bra. Small high-pitched noises continued to emerge from my surprised mouth. Shirt and bra disappeared, and his hands ran relentlessly over my tits. “Go to the bedroom and take off the rest of your clothes,” he urged. Hustling to follow his directions, I wriggled out of my jeans, underwear, and socks, and pulled my hair free from a ponytail. Lying down on the bed, I spread myself out for him. I slid a finger across my open pussy, and it was slick with desire. Rubbing my clit gently, I listened to his approach, plunging a finger into my cunt, readying it for his cock. I smiled to myself… I really didn’t think this was going to happen tonight. Now my body was throbbing in anticipation, my brain still a little spacey from tiredness, but alert to the sounds of him moving towards the bedroom. He entered naked; his black leather cock ring strapped around his cock and balls, his cock straining towards me. I moved my fingers aside and spread my legs even wider, holding my ankles up towards my head. He plunged into me, directly into my cunt, up to the hilt. Despite all my sexual activity, I have a very tight cunt, and if I haven’t had sex in a few days, it’s even tighter. I love the feeling of a cock thrusting into my tight cunt, and as long as I’m wet or have a little lube, I like it to be sudden, hard, and fast. He pounded me on the bed, as I rocked my hips towards him, pulling him even deeper inside me. I moaned, a deep, loud moan that grew in depth and volume as he thrust again and again. There’s a time for sleeping, but this wasn’t it.

I’m writing this now, late on Sunday evening, waiting to hear the door. I hope to have more to tell soon.

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Tied Up Tits

C uncoiled the blue rope. I raised my arms and stood patiently, (which for me is a real feat, I’m not a patient woman!) while he wound the rope behind my back, then around and under my tits, then above, and between, tying it off there. We stood so that I could watch in the mirror as the rope tightened and my voluminous tits bulged between the loops of rope. We’re still working at a very basic level with rope, but even this simple tit tie was beautiful. We stood there admiring, and I insisted that we take a couple of pictures. Then it was time to activate the Starter Buttons.

That’s what I’ve taken to calling my nipples. They are so sensitive, that, as C said the other day, I go from “zero to slut” with one touch. I objected that I was already a slut, even before he touched my nipples, so the analogy was flawed. That’s what you get when you have a couple of bibliophiles fucking. We nerd out even when we’re revving up for sex. Sometimes it’s what revs us up.

The tight ropes around my breasts made my nipples even more sensitive, by an order of magnitude, and I squealed when he finally touched one. I should explain that this squeal is an enjoyable sound to most of my lovers. Especially a new one: when they reach out and touch my nipple for the first time and witness the extremity of my response, I love that moment of discovery. Last weekend a new friend spent nearly an hour making me writhe and squeal, simply by pinching and stroking my nipples.

I enjoy being pulled by the rope. I’m such a control freak in so many aspects of my life, but for the right person and at the right time, I love the surrender of being led by the rope that is tied around me. C pulled me into the bedroom by the rope around my tits.

“Suck my cock,” he demanded. I maneuvered my way to hovering just over it, and began licking and teasing the head with my tongue. Then I inhaled slowly, and lowered my mouth over his cock, taking it deep into my throat. I sucked and licked hungrily, but that wasn’t where we were landing. He grabbed the rope again, and pulled me up. “Sit on my cock.” I climbed on top of him. My bound tits bounced against the rope as I rocked back and forth on him until he groaned in orgasm.

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Sunday Brunch

A lazy Sunday, one of my favorite things. Not that we didn’t have plenty to do. We are crazy busy people. But, for the moment, no place that we had to be, no one expecting us, no one calling…heaven.

I sleep naked. Since I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet, I was still naked. My lover/boyfriend/life-partner C worked his way slowly down my body until I could feel his warm breath against my clit. He grabbed my thighs, roughly, and dove into my pussy with his tongue. He fucked me with his tongue and I pushed against him, pulling him deeper into me. Then he pulled back, the initial passionate attack giving way to leisurely, teasing movements of his clever tongue. Waves of warmth rolled up my body from the tide of his tongue lapping at my pussy. I have to be very comfortable and relaxed to have an orgasm from oral sex. Many have licked my pussy, and sent me into all kinds of blissful places, but it takes C’s tongue to make me cum. The soothing, warm bath-like portion of the pussy eating ended, and then he was on a mission. The long leisurely licks transformed into strong, directed stroking, alternating with sucking. My clit is too sensitive for a direct attack, but C knows exactly where to go. He planted his tongue along the subtle ridge that rises above my clit and concentrated all of his attention there. I was helpless under this fierce onslaught of determined tonguing. I writhed and bucked, pushing against his mouth, my body begging for the release of orgasm. It came at last… I screamed with pleasure as my body shook and spasmed. He granted me a few more of the long, slow licks, and the warmth again suffused my quivering frame.

As I lay there, blissing out, I felt a hunger for his cock growing in me. We don’t usually bother with a “you eat mine, I eat yours” reciprocity, but there I was licking my lips for it. I rolled over and maneuvered my head between his thighs. I stroked his thighs with my fingers, moving slowly inward, but not quite arriving. I licked the soft, vulnerable skin in the creases of his thighs, feeling him tense with anticipation. Then I leaned in and let my hot breath play over his cock, watching it twitch. I love that unconscious, animal instinct twitch of an excited cock when the excitement ramps up a notch. Charmed by that twitch, I took a long slow lick. One of the joys of sucking my lover’s cock is that intimate proximity of not just my mouth, but my eyes, my nose… all senses focused on this part of him that gives us both such pleasure. He has lovely round fleshy balls, so soft and sensitive to touch, and a thick, spread-my-lips-wide throatful of cock. I focused on the tip, holding it just inside my mouth, rubbing my tongue against a spot just below his opening that makes him moan. I alternated the tonguing with swift sucking smacks, still paying all my attention to the tip. From this position, I could still look up the length of his body and watch his face, as the sensations inhabited it. His eyes were half closed, his mouth making a silent “oh,” that soon grew into a full-throated groan. We play a lot with exchanges of power in our fucking, and right then, I was in complete control. I controlled his bliss, his desire, his longing; and could give him what I wanted to give him when I wanted to give it. And right then, I was hungry for his cock. I took it fully into my mouth, down into my throat.

I’ve learned a lot about deep-throating from some of my favorite bloggers. A tip of the hat, or should I say flick of the tongue, to Chelsea Girl, for this advice. I won’t claim to be an expert at it yet, but it’s one of those things I’m really enjoying practicing.

I pulled back, took a deep breath, and plunged down again, feeling his hardness pushing against my throat. I came up gasping for air, delighting in the deep groan he had just emitted. The thick lubricating saliva was flowing. My hand took over the base of his cock, stroking, as my mouth returned attention to the tip. The pressure of my firm, wet hand, combined with my relentless tonguing of the delicate spot below the tip was bringing him closer and closer. Again, I enjoyed the view along the deliciously familiar terrain of his body. Sure a man loves to come in a woman’s mouth, but for my love, there’s a better place still. I slid up his body and lodged his throbbing cock firmly between my fat tits. I rocked back and forth, fucking him with my tits, his cock still slick with my saliva, moving rapidly in and out. I leaned down and caught the tip with my tongue as it moved through my cleavage, again and again. “Yes, baby, right now, cum on my tits,” I urged. “Cum all over my big fat tits.” He splashed my soft white breasts and small pink nipples with warm milkiness. I sat back onto my knees, cradling my spattered tits, and slowly licked up a stream of his cum.

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