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I should say self love because I am linking to a post that praises me and C. Forgive the touch of narcissism, but C and I have worked damn hard to be where we are in our relationship, and it is an on-going challenge. One we face with pleasure, for pleasure, but a challenge nonetheless. Being poly, swinging, scene-ing, all the things we do or try to do, can work with a strong foundation of love and trust. So, I think our new friends Deliciously Naughty and her Sexyhusband will be just fine!

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Best Chanukah Present Ever

Let’s talk about fat girl sex. Not in the abstract, but about a fat girl who’s having lots of amazing sex and wants to share her stories with the world. That’s all I want to say as introduction at this time. I thought I’d start by telling you about the amazing weekend I had two weeks ago… what can only be described as the Best Chanukah Present Ever!

We sat in the living room rationally discussing how to begin; all three flushed with desire, but determined to get it right. We decided to start by restraining my arms with our under-the-bed restraints attached to big leather cuffs. I took off my clothes quickly and without much ceremony, since, as K pointed out, it would be difficult to remove them once I was restrained. Then I lay in the middle of the bed and stretched out my arms, exposing my naked curves to my two playmates. C attached one cuff to a restraint, while K got the other. My legs were free, but my arms were immobilized.

K has been a dear friend of my boyfriend C for a long time, since before we met. There has been something simmering between K and me for a long time, but we never had time to explore it, being on opposite coasts and visits being short and busy. In September, we finally went for it, and the three of us had a delicious shared adventure. I’ll write about that one some other time. K decided to visit C and me for a long weekend in mid-December.

Having two people suck on my breasts at once is one of my favorite experiences. I’ve been lucky to experience it many times, but this time was exceptional. My arms pulled apart, my double-D breasts splayed out, fully available. Once you touch my incredibly sensitive nipples, there is no going back. I go from 0 to 60 instantly. C and K each took one erect nipple in their mouth. The two sets of lips, the two tongues, the two mouths, each working… The image of the two sexy shaved heads with mouths pressed against my big, fleshy breasts… an image hot enough to make me come on the visual alone. I arched my back to shove my fat tits deeper into their hungry mouths. Moans were already rising up from my guts, and my clit was throbbing. I pushed out my pelvis, begging for attention to my pussy.

Two hands from two different men obliged. C went right for my special spot right above my clit on the slope of my fleshy mound; he knows my body so well, knew exactly what I was demanding. K, the new adventurer, plunged his fingers deep into my cunt, applying strong pressure to my g-spot. The combination is so delicious… the familiar touch that knows exactly what to do working my clit, the bold new fingers exploring my hungry pussy. I had my first orgasm of the night right then and there. C and K shared a look of satisfaction as I writhed beneath them. They were off to a great start.

Both men undressed and put on their black leather cock rings. I’m a big fan of cock rings. Not only do they assist with longer, fuller erections, but the cock ring itself can add to the experience by the way it rubs my clit when I’m being fucked.

Ever the generous host, C offered K the first fuck. I strained at my cuffs, longing to reach out and touch K as he climbed on top of me. K found my wet opening and pushed inside my tight pussy. “You’re on fire,” he whispered. I just smiled and lifted my legs, which he grabbed and held between his arms, fucking me deeper. “So dirty,” he purred, “such a dirty girl.”

C stood beside the bed, eagerly watching, reaching out to stroke my leg, then K’s back, then my hair. I love watching my boyfriend watching me getting fucked by another man. His naughty, delighted smile made me even wetter. He positioned himself so that I could take his straining cock in my cuffed hand. As K thrusted more and more energetically into my pussy, I summoned enough concentration from my fuck-addled brain to send a message to my hand to stroke C’s cock. It’s always a little dangerous for me to attempt such a thing while I’m being so thoroughly fucked, I can’t always maintain proper motor skills. But I had to reward that naughty smile. And the very thought of taking care of two cocks at once added to my own pleasure, as K fucked me harder and harder.

K offered to switch places with C. So deliciously naughty to be tag-teamed in this way. I reminded C to put on a condom, “for sharing purposes,” I teased. K jumped off and C climbed on, plunging his cock into the snug, slick warmth of my cunt. Again I struggled at my restraints, reaching for my lovely boyfriend, but then releasing into the strange freedom of bondage. K helped C to lift my legs higher. He pulled away the pillows that were keeping me from adjusting to a better position, flatter on the bed. Teamwork. The three of us smiled at each other, so much fun. I love sex that is playful and funny. K urged us on as I used the muscles deep inside me to clench my boyfriend’s cock, pulling him deeper inside me, and bringing him to orgasm.

C rolled off me and lay at my side, while K moved around to my other side. They released the restraints holding my cuffs, but left on the cuffs. Both men snuggled against my curves, K stroking his semi-erect cock right back to attention. C found my Hitachi magic wand on the bedside table, and tormented my stimulated nipples with it, while his fingers gently stroked around my red-hot clit. I giggled and rolled away as the magic wand tickled me, pressing myself against K for rescue. But K was not about to let me off that easily. He pushed me onto my back, grabbed my legs, and plunged back into my cunt with renewed ferocity. “Such a dirty girl,” he groaned, “now you are going to get it.” He grabbed the loose cuffs that were still around my wrists, and pulled my arms up above my head. He was working hard; a drop of his warm sweat hit my tits. He rubbed the sweat over my tits, mingling it with my own wet warmth, teasing my straining nipples. I tried to say something to him to express my pleasure, but it came out as a distorted moan. The muscles of my mouth were giving up; my body was completely focused on that place inside where K’s cock pushed again and again, harder and harder. “She’s gone pre-verbal,” K managed to say to C, before he joined me in that state, a primal beast. He clawed at my tits and gnashed his teeth as I screamed my pleasure, and he came fiercely, growling. His body shook on top of me; he buried his face between my tits. I stroked K, and reached out to C, who joined us again on the bed for some delicious three-way cuddling.

I giggled, as I nestled comfortably between the two men. “Happy Chanukah,” I said.

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