I was tagged by Droplet of In Your Pants; check it out, it’s really good! It’s the “seven random things” meme. Curvaceous Dee makes a good point here about how tricky it is to fulfill this meme while trying to preserve one’s secret identity. I’ll do my best.

1. I really don’t understand the concept of memes, despite C’s patient attempts to explain it to me. The penny just isn’t quite dropping. If anyone wants to try, please add your explanation of the meme phenomenon.

2. I’m allergic to cats. It sucks. Cats are cool.

3. I love Nick Cave, and have since I was 15.

4. The most unusual place that I’ve ever had sex was in the ladies’ room of a strip club in a Caribbean vacation resort town. You can find the story here.

5. I’m a coffee snob.

6. The only Shakespeare plays that I haven’t seen in production are Timon of Athens and Henry VIII.

7. I love to dance.

I am tagging Selina Fire.

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Sissy Maid Links

I seem to get a lot of hits from my mentions of Sissy Maids in my blog. I have had some wonderful experiences with Sissy Maids, but I’m no expert. I did a little googling myself, and this looks like a good page of links. I can personally recommend the quality of sissies trained by the Sissy Maid Academy.

I hope this helps those who are seeking sissies but find me.

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