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For those of you in NYC, your chance to see the best kinky and alt-sex films is coming up. CineKink: The really alternative film festival is back for #5! These films are hot, interesting, thought-provoking, and, did I mention hot! Highlights include parties, NY and US premieres, and discussions with filmmakers. I’m particularly looking forward to the following panel:

“Women Behind The Lens” – Panel Discussion: Whether they call their work erotica, pornography or adult entertainment, a growing number of female directors have been carving out key positions for themselves in the adult sector of the film production world.

A panel of these directors will discuss their roles within the industry and the individual approach each takes in depicting sexuality on screen. How does each reconcile the creative work they do with a feminist viewpoint? What are the ingredients of a truly hot sex scene? Is spit really an effective form of lubricant? Additional questions from the audience will be encouraged and film clips will be shown!

Moderated by Rachel Kramer Bussel, panelists to date include Shine L. Houston, Audacia Ray and Julie Simone.


Ticket prices for each regular screening program are $10; $8 in advance; $6 students and seniors. Party prices vary. Admission is restricted to those 18 years of age and older for all screenings; 21 years and older w/ID for all parties.


A limited number of discounted CineKink NYC All-Access festival passes, covering admission to all 16 film programs, the kick-off party, the awards ceremony and the afterglow party, are available in advance for $85; $75 for members of any alternative sexuality organization; $60 for students and seniors. A pass to film screenings only, the CineKink NYC Film Pass, may be purchased in advance for $70; $60 for members of any alternative sexuality organization; $50 for students and seniors.


Advance tickets and festival passes are available online via our CineKink NYC festival community on B-Side

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Alarm Cock

Candy and Serge, our new friends from Spring Fire, came to visit this past weekend. We were all really tired Friday night after a bunch of events, and crashed without any play. C had to go to work early on Saturday morning. I was looking forward to sleeping in, but around 9 AM I awoke to some noises in the living room where our guests were staying. A soft moan… then a louder one. Those naughty guests had started without me!

My first thought was to run into the living room and jump in, but I was still so drowsy and comfortable in bed. As I lay there, lazily, I let the sounds surround me. Candy’s moaning was getting loader. I snuggled into my blankets, closed my eyes, and imagined what was happening in the other room. I was pretty sure Serge was eating Candy’s luscious pussy. I could imagine what that felt like. His strong, insistent tongue, licking and sucking, ferociously exploring the familiar folds of her shaved, full lips.

Then I heard him start to moan too. He must have pushed his cock into her ready pussy. I smiled and licked my lips, still huddled under the covers on one of our first cool mornings. I ran my hand lightly over my own dampening pussy and continued all ears. I could hear their bodies slapping together, as his moans heightened. That was it. I couldn’t stand the exquisite torture of the exclusively aural experience any longer. I threw back the covers, leapt out of bed, and strode into the living room. I walked right over to the desk chair next to the guest bed and dropped into it, kicking my feet up onto the edge of the bed, ready to watch the dénouement. Candy and Serge looked up to greet me with welcoming smiles, and a laughing “good morning” from Candy. I gestured for them to continue as I settled into my front row seat.

Candy was elegantly perched, riding Serge’s cock, her full round ass in the air, her glorious tits swaying over him. I love to watch a big woman move so gracefully, and with such strength and purpose. She maneuvered herself up and down on his cock, expertly, with porn star skill and delivery. Her lusty laugh, her enthusiasm, his delight in her body… it was one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen, and right in my own living room. And my watching made it all the more exciting for them, as they built to a rapid crescendo of moans. I knew I’d get my turn later… for the moment I was completely satisfied to listen to and watch their bodies moving together.

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