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I started this blog to talk smutty sex exclusively. With a fat positive angle. And lots of enthusiasm. But now I find myself with barely any time to have sex let alone write about it, with major changes happening in my non-blog life. I hate to leave The Gold Slut Standard sitting quiet for so long. So here are few links and very brief thoughts.

I really enjoyed meeting Deliciously Naughty and her Sexyhusband in person a few weeks ago. If you haven’t read her Fat can be sexy post, check it out. One my favorite discussions of one of my favorite subjects.

I love socializing with other sex bloggers. We are so lucky in New Y0rk to have a real community, thanks entirely to Blog Mommy and goddess Viviane. I caught the tail end of one of Viviane’s blogger gatherings last weekend. It was so good to surface from the bottomless depths of my other work and connect with this community.

I find Kate Harding’s BMI Project both fascinating and full of hot pictures of cute big girls. The best kind of social commentary.

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From the DO Vault: Hotel Sweets

Since, for the moment, in my working-out-of-town-state, it’s just me and the Hitachi Magic Wand, I’m going to delve back in time to the lost but not forgotten days of Dark Odyssey Spring Fire. “What?” you may ask, “haven’t you spilled those savory secrets already?” A Gold Slut knows how to save for a rainy day, and I’ve held onto this morsel for just such an occasion.

I wore one of my favorite outfits. A long, lace negligee in black and red, very sheer. I bought it for $5 in a great little store full of trashy underwear for big girls. The men were naked and the women were in lingerie; that was the premise of the party. As if we needed a premise… pack a horde of randy swingers into a hotel suite with free flowing booze… and party all night! I remember a glorious moment watching the hostess pressed up against the window that faced the Capital Building, clothes torn away, two men doing their best to please her. Take that Congress! The Perverts are here to play!

I was lying in the center of a vast king-sized bed. My first playmate of the night had given me a good hard fucking, but then left abruptly when C entered the room. He made a joking remark, “who’s this fucking my girlfriend?” Something like that. The guy jumped up, muttering something about making way for C, then bolted. We learn, little by little, what kinds of humor work in these situations, and what doesn’t. Sigh. I do love that my boyfriend can scare someone off with a joke, makes a gal feel safe walking down the street, believe me. So I sat in a state of Coitus Interruptus, sharing a laugh with my love.

An influx of raucous guests filled the room, and then the bed. I found myself rapidly transformed from the girl with the vacant thighs to the one at the center of an orgy. A dear friend was lapping at my left nipple, and, with an enthusiastic wave, she urged another dear friend over to take care of my right. What are friends for? The gentleman friend of the second woman took pride of place between my legs. He began that delicious combination of firm fingers and a fierce tongue that always sends me over the edge. With three tongues and a plethora of fingers at work on me, I melted into spasms and moans, riding the face of the kind gentleman, while the two friends tickled and teased me. I don’t think of myself as a squirter, but there was quite an impressive wet spot in that grand king -sized bed.

I hear the Hitachi whispering my name. Perhaps I will remember more tomorrow.

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Find Yourself a Big Lay-dee!

This is really making me smile tonight. I’ve watched it several times. The women are so gorgeous and curvy. Mika‘s so goofy and cute. Hat tip to Jefferson’s new blog for the link.

I also really like the Ugly Betty version, which I saw first. I love Ugly Betty!

(Guess who finally figured out how to link to youtube.)

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Still Standing

“Can I tie up your hands?” C asked, having just completed a lovely tie on my tits. “Sure,” I said, shivering with pleasure as Serge attacked my tits. He sucked and pawed with a hungry intensity, and I gave my tits to him with delighted abandon. C rapidly bound my hands behind my back. He’s getting very good at this.

Then he did something different. He lay down on the floor and slid between my legs, spreading them, helping me to a wide, strong stance (oy, can I use that phrase?) My opened pussy was directly above him. He stroked a lubed finger over my pussy lips, gently working it inside me. Having lubed me up, he pulled out his finger, and shocked me with the thrill of cold metal. He held my favorite toy, the metal vibrator, and ran its chilly hardness along my hot cunt.

Serge pulled my hair, tilting my head back, and kissed me roughly. My legs wobbled.

C pushed the cold, vibrating metal right into me. From his unique vantage point on the floor, he could watch every movement of the vibrator pushing through my fleshy folds and into the place where my greedy cunt pulled it in.

Serge continued to control my upper body by pulling my hair, alternately ravaging my tits then my mouth. My hands bound behind me, C pulled down on the rope with his free hand, making it even harder for me to move. My legs shook uncontrollably, as I rocked against the vibrator with my hips, the only part of my body I could still maneuver. So maddeningly near to some kind of release.

I’ve never managed to orgasm standing up, but I got exquisitely close. Perhaps next time.

Sorry for the posting lag… I’m entering a new phase of my creative life, a big time of transition, and something always has to suffer. But thank you so much for the continued linking and traffic, and I’ll do my best to make up for the silence.

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Alarm Cock

Candy and Serge, our new friends from Spring Fire, came to visit this past weekend. We were all really tired Friday night after a bunch of events, and crashed without any play. C had to go to work early on Saturday morning. I was looking forward to sleeping in, but around 9 AM I awoke to some noises in the living room where our guests were staying. A soft moan… then a louder one. Those naughty guests had started without me!

My first thought was to run into the living room and jump in, but I was still so drowsy and comfortable in bed. As I lay there, lazily, I let the sounds surround me. Candy’s moaning was getting loader. I snuggled into my blankets, closed my eyes, and imagined what was happening in the other room. I was pretty sure Serge was eating Candy’s luscious pussy. I could imagine what that felt like. His strong, insistent tongue, licking and sucking, ferociously exploring the familiar folds of her shaved, full lips.

Then I heard him start to moan too. He must have pushed his cock into her ready pussy. I smiled and licked my lips, still huddled under the covers on one of our first cool mornings. I ran my hand lightly over my own dampening pussy and continued all ears. I could hear their bodies slapping together, as his moans heightened. That was it. I couldn’t stand the exquisite torture of the exclusively aural experience any longer. I threw back the covers, leapt out of bed, and strode into the living room. I walked right over to the desk chair next to the guest bed and dropped into it, kicking my feet up onto the edge of the bed, ready to watch the dénouement. Candy and Serge looked up to greet me with welcoming smiles, and a laughing “good morning” from Candy. I gestured for them to continue as I settled into my front row seat.

Candy was elegantly perched, riding Serge’s cock, her full round ass in the air, her glorious tits swaying over him. I love to watch a big woman move so gracefully, and with such strength and purpose. She maneuvered herself up and down on his cock, expertly, with porn star skill and delivery. Her lusty laugh, her enthusiasm, his delight in her body… it was one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen, and right in my own living room. And my watching made it all the more exciting for them, as they built to a rapid crescendo of moans. I knew I’d get my turn later… for the moment I was completely satisfied to listen to and watch their bodies moving together.

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New Toy

New Toy 1

I bought a new toy last night. It is a riding crop covered in lavender glitter. It makes me very happy. It’s pretty, vicious, and will leave a nice trail of sparkles on somebody’s ass. I wonder who?

I was inspired to do a little modeling with my new toy.


Yes, I just got a new manicure and pedicure. And yes, I LOVE pink and purple and sparkles.

There are a few other pics, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to put them out on the interweb yet.

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Sugasm #90

Sugasm #90

Mon 30th Jul, 07

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PDAs (Not about Crackberries!)

I’m talking about Public Displays of Affection (love this wikipedia entry!). Call me old-fashioned in my acronym usage.

[Disclaimer: I am a user of a Palm Treo, which I have named, ambivalently, “The Device.” And I lust after iPhones. Go electronic helpers!]

Readers of this blog will know I’m no stranger to doing naughty things in public places. I once had an adventure in a parking lot in Nashville, TN, which was not one of my finest hours, but I may write about it some day. Despite this evidence and my exhibitionist nature, I usually keep my public sex to pre-approved locations such as sex play parties and alternative sexuality conferences. I often have to discourage C from groping me on the subway platform, because sometimes it just doesn’t feel like the right place. This week, however, I was loving my PDAs.

Tuesday night C and I caught a public screening of Audacia Ray’s The Bi Apple. It is so rare to have the experience of watching a porn movie in public these days. I was wishing I had a raincoat and a chair that leaned all the way back, because, friends, this movie is HOT! I had another idea, however. I unzipped my jeans, grabbed C’s hand, and thrust it against my crotch. His experienced fingers quickly found my clit, and with a quick glance at me to make sure I really meant it, he began to rub through my cotton underwear. He didn’t have a lot of room to maneuver, but he got it just right. I was aware of the other people sitting around us, though fortunately no one was too close, and since a friend of mine was hosting the screening I didn’t want to make a spectacle. I started this, and I wanted to finish it, so I had no choice but to be quiet, which, surprise surprise, is very difficult for me. Clenching my thighs around C’s fingers and my lips and teeth together, I pushed back against his fingers in small, subtle movements. The tightness of my jeans, C’s delicious fingers, and the texture of my panties helped bring me quickly to bursting, and of course the movie was providing full frontal stimulus. I clenched the handles of my movie seat, writhed against C’s fingers, and tried to keep my head and shoulders still. A thrilled shout was fighting its way up my throat, but I held it down, dominating myself into submission. Silently, I rode the wave of pleasure, bucking against C’s fingers, and then nodded to him that he could remove them. I sat in my pleasantly damp panties, feeling the waves of warmth radiate up my body from my pussy, and watched the rest of the movie with a smile on my face.

Thursday night I was at my favorite monthly public gathering of perverts at a downtown bar. Lots of new people, especially some folks that I had met at a nude beach a few weeks back, and I was thoroughly enjoying re-making their acquaintance in clothes over cocktails. A certain very naughty naked boy, who loves to be naked in public and somehow always manages to be so, joined my circle of new friends. He knows my secret from past play adventures, and reached right for my nipples. It was late, I’d had a lot to drink, and it felt really good. I leaned back on the bar and gave him free reign. He pulled, squeezed, and pinched, and I squealed (as quietly as I could) with delight. My new friend Pete asked if he could join. We had been getting increasingly physical with each other over the course of the evening, arms around waists, hips pressed against each other, hands moving to asses… I was enjoying the direction very much, so, with an effort to regain consciousness under the onslaught of my naked friend’s attention, I told him yes, yes you may join in. My naked friend, always a generous play partner, made room and offered Pete one of my tits. My tits were clothed, by the way, in a black wife beater style tank top over a very thin and silky bra. The rough texture of the fabric of the top over the barely there-ness of the bra (with its magical support – yes, GS has found a new bra that she loves!), combined with the different, but intense fingering of the two sets of hands on my nipples, was sending me into GS la-la-land. My eyelids fluttered furiously; I clutched the bar tightly with my outstretched arms; and the volume of cries was far beyond what was appropriate for a public space. At one point, I forced myself to look up and asked directly if the bartender was ok with this scenario. She was down at the other end of the bar chatting away with friends, so I was convinced that we could continue. But continue to what? I can ride the pleasure of having my tits played with for a very long time without needing anything else. It makes my pussy so wet, and the continued tit-illation without actual touching of my pussy is positively, deliciously, achingly exciting. Can I have a genital orgasm from tit stimulation alone? I’m convinced I can, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. My naked friend even posed the question, and I think he took my answer that I believed it was possible as a challenge. What a fun experiment it will be! As for Pete, I think you will be hearing more about him.

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I’ve been Fleshbot-ted again! Thank you Jefferson. Let me know if there is anything I can do to show my gratitude. <wiggles forefinger>

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fun with a subby boy

“How do you like to come?” I asked doug, as he pounded away at me in a delightful fashion.

I went to this party to get fucked, and doug was very obliging. He actually asked if he could kiss my ass. Literally. It was a lovely offer, and I accepted graciously. I lay down on the bed and presented the ass in question. It is a really big, luscious ass. He applied his lips gently, reverently. Soft little kisses along my cheeks, teasing my crack. Strong hands massaging. I luxuriated in the attention. But, as I said before, I wanted to get fucked. I thanked doug for the lovely ass-kissing, leisurely rolled onto my back, and told him to get on top of me and start fucking. He grabbed a condom, slipped it on, and climbed up. He slid easily into my wet pussy. “Good boy,” I said. “Now fuck me hard.” And he did.

I was very happy, getting the good hard fucking that I’d been needing, and was feeling very fond of sweet doug. So I asked, “How do you like to come?” thinking we could have some fun playing out a favorite scenario. He paused briefly. “I like to be tied up, forced to wear women’s clothes, and dominated.” I confess I had been expecting something more along the lines of a blowjob or a titty fuck, but here was this wonderful surprise lurking behind this clean-cut, outdoorsy, rugged guy. I love living in a kinky world!

I had to give this some thought. We took a break, and rejoined friends drinking and chatting in the living room. It was comfortable, sociable, everyone in some state of undress, with tousled hair and sticky parts. A delicious suburban orgy.

Of course! The lightbulb went off. I had brought a frilly black and pink negligee to change into when the play started, but since I had opted to go straight to nude I had forgotten about it. I grabbed my riding crop, the lingerie, and a medium length of red rope. doug was giving foot massages. I stood above him holding the crop. “I need you upstairs as soon as you are finished with that one.” Far be it from me to rob a woman of her foot massage. I went up to the guest room to prepare. I laid out the negligee, the rope, and gloves and lube.

A few minutes passed, and just when I was beginning to get impatient, doug arrived with an audience. I had enlisted a dear friend to help, and she and I rapidly pulled off his t-shirt and underwear, and dragged the negligee over his head. I circled behind him with the rope, and bound his hands behind his back. Pushing him forward, I presented him to the room. “Isn’t it a pretty girl?” I demanded, and our audience enthusiastically agreed. I turned to my friend. “Now, what are we going to do with her?” We moved our girlie toy back to the bed, and forced her down on her knees on the bed. I stroked the erect penis that dared to intrude through the sheer black gown. “Such a pretty girl.” I leaned over and whispered in doug’s ear, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass.” He nodded his assent. “Please be gentle,” he begged.

I slipped my hand into a latex glove and slathered my fingers in lube. While my kind assistant played with doug’s cock, I moved my index finger against his tender hole, making small circles with the lube, feeling for signs of readiness. When it felt right, I slid my finger into his ass up to the first knuckle and rotated it gently. He opened up to my touch, and I moved in further. I began slow in-and-out movements. “I’m fucking you pretty girl,” I said, as I moved my finger faster. I asked one of our audience members to pour me some more lube, and I pulled out just enough to add a second finger on top of the first. I glided in and out of his asshole, while my friend continued to play with his cock. With my other hand, I gave a tug on his bound hands, reminding him how completely in our power he was.

“Is this what you wanted?” I demanded. “Oh yes,” he whispered. I withdrew my fingers from his ass and moved around to face him. I reached under the delicate fabric of the lingerie and grabbed his cock. “That’s what I thought. Now, I want you to fuck me some more.” My friend helped him lie back on his bound hands, and I climbed on top of him.

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